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Hi Mike,
Please find the answers inline..

1.To learn OAF, in my case, where should I start?
If you are working on EBS (Oracle Application), it is really another star in your profile and it is very demanding in market.

How long does it usually take to learn OAF for a newbie like me?
This 32 hour course and hands on provide a good understanding with OAF .
List of software and PC specs I need to install and practice OAF?
You just need to Install Jdeveloper , which can be download from OTN. We do provide the EBS environment access .
2. Do we get help with the installation of the Oracle reqired software: to learn OAF?
3. How's the demand for OAF developers in US in the next five years?
Yes, as there us unlimited support to Oracle EBS application, we see a good demand in next 5 years
4. When Oracle Implements Oracle Fusion, how does OAF comes in play with the newest FUSION software?
It will take couple of year to replace EBS with Fusion Apps.
5. Your OAF instructor, is he an expert in OAF? Please give me his background.
He is very experience Oracle Developer and working from last 6 years on this technology.
6. After training support?
We do provide on Job Support as well.