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ODI 11G Vs 12C

25th Jan, 2015, ByAdmin, Posted in Oracle, 5 Comments

Part 1: Accounts Receivable

ODI 11G      ODI 12C
1) Do not have support for OWB.                                    
Tool.OWB Repository can be set as
Data Server in Topology. OWB to ODI Migration Utility to                    
import OWB jobs.
   1) Able to run OWB jobs using OdiStartOwbJob
2) Oracle Golden Gate feature was not there.                
Data Server in Topology.
  2) OGG source and target can be configured as
3) No-  Hive Technology For Hadoop in Topology.                       
  3) Added New Hive Technology For Hadoop  in
4) Stand Alone & J2ee Agent.    4) Stand Alone, Colocated & J2ee Agent.
5) 11G had interfaces.          5) They named interfaces are as Mappings.
6) No Multiple targets tables in a single Interface.           
  6) We can load multiple targets tables In single
7) No-Direct role selection while creating users,               
manually we need to drag and drop.
  7) Direct Role selection while creating users.
8) No - Pivot functions.                                                       
A) Pivot Component
B) Unpivot Component
C) Table Function Component
D) Subquery Filter Component.
  8) Available below functions in Opatch 17053768
9) No Wallet Password.   9)  Added Wallet Password.

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