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"BI Publisher for JD Edwards Enterpriseone"  online course designed for those professional who are working on JD Edwards earlier releases and wants learn BI Publisher JDE integration reporting available with recent releases (8.96, 8.98, 9.1).

This course also provides a good opportunity for those developers, who are experts in BI Publisher but want to learn BIP-JD Edwards Integration. 

Duration : 32 hours, 4 weekends (Saturday and Sunday 9 AM EST to 1 PM EST)

Contact: or   +1 408-361-8194

Next Batch : March 2nd 2013.  Conatct us to Join free demo session.

Course Contents


Understanding BI Publisher

·         BI Publisher overview
·         Describing the Oracle BI Publisher Applications Architecture and components
·         BI Publisher for JD Edwards overview
·         Embeded BI Publisher Reports
·         One View Reports          
·         Adhoc Reporting
·         Understanding XML basics
Designing BI Publisher Templates using BI Publisher Word Template Builder      
                    Describing BI Publisher templates
                    Designing templates with BI Publisher Template Builder
                    Create Simple Listing Report
                    Working with Groups
                    Working with Tables, Forms
                    Implementing conditional logic to handle complex layout
                    Formatting Numbers, Date and Currencies.
                    Defining Headers and Footers
                    Inserting Images and Charts
                    Implementing XPATH Commands in RTF
                    Check Printing
                    Invoice Printing
                    Working with Sub-Templates
                    Advance Report Layout
Understanding JD Edwards Environment                          
                    Quick overview of JDE architecture
                    Overview of Data Dictionary
                    Working with Object Management Workbench (OMW)
                    Creating & Managing Project
                    Working with Tables & Business Views
                   Modifying template objects
Creating JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Embedded BI Publisher Objects
                    Understanding the BI Publisher Object Repository (Template, Transformation, Translation & Localization)
                    Creating, Updating, and Deleting JD Edwards BI Publisher Objects
                    Modifying template objects
Creating JD Edwards BI Publisher Report Definitions
                    Creating report definition objects
                    Defining output types and languages
                    Defining bursting and delivery methods
                    Modifying report definitions
                    Describing BI Publisher and Object Management Workbench integration
Working with Report Designer Aid (RDA) to generate BI Publisher friendly XML.
                    Overview of RDA
                    Overview to Report and Report Components
                    Sections (Column, Tabular, Group Sections)
                    Report Header Footer Sections
                    Page Header & Footer Sections
                    Level Breaks
                    Batch Versions
                    Working with Report Director
Submitting Report Definitions
•             Submitting report definitions from the Report Definitions application
Associating Report Definitions with Batch Versions
•             Associating a report definition with a batch version
Submitting Report Definitions from the Batch Versions Application
•             Submitting report definitions from Batch Versions
Monitoring Report Definition Processing
·         Describing the Report Definitions Job Control Search form
·         Accessing report definition jobs from View Submitted Jobs
Utilizing Report Definition Output
                    Viewing report definition source
                    Describing the Report Definition Output Repository (P95630)
                    Viewing report definition output
                    Viewing report definition output delivery details
                    Republishing report definition output
Managing Report Definition Output
                    Setting up security for report definition jobs and output
                    Deleting UBE and report definition output
                    Archiving BI Publisher report definition output
Working with Oracle BI Publisher Enterprise for Interactive Reporting
                    Configuring Oracle BI Publisher Enterprise to access JD Edwards EnterpriseOne data
                    Creating Data Model against JDE data
                    Creating Interactive BI Publisher Report
                    Scheduling BI Publisher Interactive Report
One View Reporting Overview
                    Review the existing prebuilt One View Reports
                    Add Custom Report to One View
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