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BI Publisher Data Model : Let's Structure the Data

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This is in continuation of last article Working with Data Model

Select the Data Sets from the Data Model Navigator.


The Right  pane display with three tabs.

Diagram : Diagram tab represent the visual representation and their relationship of  Data Set Components.

Structure : In Structure tab, there are two section. XML View and Business View. XML View drive the XML tags in XML output.  We can update the XML tag with more meaning full name. Due to performance reason, it is recommended to have short XML tag name. 

The Sorting under XML View allow to set the Sorting order.   ‘Value if Null’ allows to set the value if the column values is null in data source.

The Business View allows setting the Tag description. As this description is use in Report Layout design, it is recommended to set the description relevant to business. 


Save the data model changes and review the XML Ouput.  The XML Output reflects the changes you made for XML Structure. Export this XML to file system and save as Sample XML as well. We will use this XML for Report / Layout design. 





Code: The Code section display the actual Data Model code. The Data Model stored as XML in BI Publisher repository. This is read only and just for informative purpose.



Thats all about Influcing XML Structure through Struncture sectcion of Data Model Editor.  stay tune for the next article till then..

Happy Modeling.

Let's Structure the Data

This article is part of BI Publisher for beginners series. You will see many more articles on Data Model design, Template desing, Administration, Web Services, Scheduler. The contents are picked-up from BI Publisher Training documents from  Adiva consulting. If you have any question regarding these articles or training program, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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